fall fashion cravings

I know it’s a long ways away until fall/it gets cooler (at least for Austin it is), but I’m really craving cooler weather and fall clothes! I love the darker colors, chunky sweaters, and layering that comes with fall fashion and how creative you can get with your style, much unlike the summer when your predominant life’s mission is to avoid heat stroke. Here in this set, I’ve put together a few pieces that I literally would die to even be in the presence of, like the Mary Katranzou intarsia sweater or the studded Alexander Wang bag and the Rodarte “Radarte” pullover which is possibly the wittiest thing I have yet to encounter in all my years. I’m also really digging (digging?) the gold Jimmy Choo loafers which is such a classic and statement piece at the same time, the geometric (?) print on the Helmut Lang leggings, as well as the ASOS beanie featuring two pom-poms arranged in two areas of the hat in which coincidentally create ear-like forms…hmm. I hope this has inspired you to get ahead of da curb about starting to think about the upcomin’ fall season and new trends! Fall needs to come sooner…
Untitled #81

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