Emma Watson

From filming Harry Potter, to campaigning for Burberry, to studying at Brown University and now Oxford University, Emma Watson has maintained a humble persona throughout the growth of her fame. Not only a super famous actor, she’s also a prominent style icon and inspiration for so many people. Here’s a quote from Emma Watson that I got from fashion.telegraph.co.uk: “Before, I used to insist on taking the bus or the underground as a way of rebelling against my fame. But, at one point, you have to give it up.” I just thought that just really shows her personality and her thoughts towards her fame in that she doesn’t take advantage of it, and I find that quite refreshing. I think she is just so beautiful, both in her appearance and personality, as well as inspirational.

Where would Hermione be without Harry and Ron? For Teen Vouge. (I think Daniel Radcliff’s facial expression is so great)

Wearing Tom Ford and Louis Vuitton

I just think this is a beautiful picture of her!

For Teen Vogue

I also think this picture of her is just so beautiful but in a different way than the other picture. It’s more natural and stunning, I think


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